Our Mission

The mission of ClearWater Conservancy is to conserve and restore the natural resources of central Pennsylvania through land conservation, water resources stewardship and environmental outreach in the community.

Our Vision

Working together for people and place to nurture a healthy environment and thriving communities in the heart of Pennsylvania.

Our Values

  • Focus on the Future: We are optimistic about the future of Central Pennsylvania and the ability of our communities to conserve their ample beauty and bounty now and for future generations.
  • Lead through Engagement: We lead by engaging all who wish to collaborate in effective and lasting conservation.
  • Inspire Exploration and Curiosity: We value education and foster a strong sense of place to encourage lasting citizen stewardship.
  • Apply Sound Science: We make strategic choices guided by objectivity, current science and innovation.
  • Strive for Impact: We guide the community in setting and achieving aspirational goals for environmental health and justice across the region.
  • Act with Integrity: We practice transparency and always act with integrity and honesty.