Programs & Initiatives

ClearWater Conservancy’s main focus areas are land conservation, water resource protection, riparian restoration and environmental outreach.

ClearWater is an initiative-based, proactive organization. We conserve land through easement or outright purchase. We protect water through monitoring and stream restoration. We educate the community about conservation by directly engaging with people and making them part of our efforts.

In short, ClearWater seeks to improve Central Pennsylvania for all and for all time, through active conservation and restoration.

Land Conservation

ClearWater Conservancy’s Land Conservation Program seeks to conserve ecologically important habitats in Central Pennsylvania for all time. We believe people should be free to enjoy the land and its beauty and place a high value on public access and use.

Lands we want to conserve provide significant ecological function, are valuable habitats for wildlife, contain unique features or offer new recreational access. … read more

Water Resource Protection

ClearWater protects water resources in the Spring Creek Watershed by providing the tools and information needed to encourage sustainable decisions by community leaders and citizens. ClearWater’s Water Resources Coordinator maintains field stations and a database of information collected through the Water Resources Monitoring Project, a collaborative effort of ClearWater Conservancy and the Spring Creek Watershed Association. …. read more

Riparian Conservation

The riparian area is the zone of transition between land and water. A healthy riparian area is vegetated with appropriate native plants and is essential for stream health and water quality.

When people live or farm close to streams, vegetation in riparian areas is commonly disturbed or removed. This disturbance quickly begins to unravel the delicate balance that once existed between soil, water, plants and animals. Stream banks quickly become destabilized, streams become silted and warm, invasive plant species begin to colonize, and riparian-dependent wildlife disappears. read more…

Environmental Outreach

Outreach to the community is one-third of ClearWater’s mission simply because we place a high value on the human component of our landscape. Preserving our land and water for the non-human species that inhabit them is vitally important for its own sake, but we believe people have a place in the environment, as well, and that the more they know about it, the more they will do to keep it healthy.  read more…