Water Resource Protection

ClearWater protects water resources in the Spring Creek Watershed by providing the tools and information needed to encourage sustainable decisions by community leaders and citizens. ClearWater’s Water Resources Coordinator maintains field stations and a database of information collected through the Water Resources Monitoring Project, a collaborative effort of ClearWater Conservancy and the Spring Creek Watershed Association.

The Water Resources Coordinator provides staff support for the Spring Creek Watershed Association, coordinates with the Spring Creek Watershed Commission and is the staff lead for our Watershed Cleanup Day. Data collected by ClearWater and the Water Resources Monitoring Project is used in making critical water use and planning decisions in the watershed.

Amphibians like this pickerel frog need clean water to survive. Photo by Chris Hennessey
Spring Creek flows at a fairly steady level and temperature because most of its water comes up from the aquifer rather than falling as rain.
The cold, clean streams of Central Pennsylvania hold lots of trout. That brings lots of anglers- from across the country and the globe.
The covered bridge at Spring Creek Park as viewed from the waterline of Spring Creek. Photo by Nick Schipanski.
Today’s mobile technology helps record stream water levels. Here, Water Resources Coordinator Nick Schipanski downloads information from a computerized monitoring gauge on Slab Cabin Run in State College. Photo by Chris Hennessey.