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Native Plants for Your Home Landscape

Ready to get started with your native landscaping at home?

Native Garden tips

  • Always purchase native plants from a reputable nursery

  • Never collect plants from the wild, which harms local plant communities

  • Do research to place plants in the right conditions (light, moisture, soil type)

  • Shop by scientific names rather than common names help ensure you’re getting the right plant. Scientific names are usually underlined or italicized. Example: Red Maple – Acer rubrum (Acer = genus, rubrum = species)

Why it’s Important to use Native Plants?

  • Adapted for Local Climate and Conditions

  • Pollen and Nectar for Pollinators - Host plants for the caterpillars of pollinators

  • Wildlife Food – Native plants host many more caterpillars compared to non-native plants; Fruit and nuts provide food for many species of wildlife

  • Low Maintenance - native plants are adapted to the local climate

  • Maintains Natural Diversity - is critical for healthy, well-functioning natural systems


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