Scotia: An Area Rich in History

Starting in the late 1700’s, the mining and smelting of iron ore played a major role in the development of Centre County. At that time, mining efforts were hampered by large amounts of clay in the soil. In the 1840’s the invention of the ore washer, and the introduction of the steam engine to power it, created a new beginning to iron ore mining. However, the region’s largest mine operator, Centre Furnace, did not implement an ore washer at any of its ore pits. Instead, they had started to focus on developing the lands previously cleared for charcoal into agriculture. The focus on agriculture led to the establishment of the Farmer’s High School in 1855, eventually becoming The Pennsylvania St

Threatened Trees

Pennsylvania is well known for its trees. It is in our name, after all. Our state holds about 200 different species of trees and a number of them are under threat due to invasive pests or disease. Many of these iconic woody wonders are the focus of specific conservation efforts that will, hopefully, prevent us from losing their contributions of diversity to our forests. For those interested in learning more about the other native species of trees we have a topic dedicated to them on our website. It offers an excellent introduction to identifying some of the more common trees you are likely to encounter while out exploring. It also provides a primer on the anatomy of our leafy friends and out

Summer Birds

Midsummer offers a much different birdwatching experience compared to spring or fall. For example, the many migrating species that use our region as merely a rest-stop have moved on by this time. Therefore most of the birds you can expect to find out and about during midsummer aren’t going anywhere because they are here to build a home and raise a family. Foliage is another factor that affects a birdwatcher’s strategy. Finding birds in the summer requires more listening than looking, as many of our summer species like to hide in the upper reaches of trees or are masked by the now dense growth of plants. Fortunately, many of these friends have very distinct voices and an outsized volume for h

Public Art in Centre County

Public art is a defining component of any community’s character. Art can elevate key concepts of a region’s beauty, act as a cultural time-capsule, and offer fresh perspectives on social issues. Here in Central Pennsylvania we are so fortunate to be surrounded by inspiring art, much of it created by local artists. Broadly, public art in our communities can include anything, from the dedicated sculptures and murals displayed on many buildings throughout State College, to the ornate architecture that adorns much of historic Bellefonte, to temporary sidewalk chalk displays and even the small painted rocks we sometimes find around town. Art graced our public spaces almost as quickly as people be


More and more we hear, read, and talk about concepts related to sustainability throughout our daily lives. Sustainability can mean many different things to different people, systems, and organizations because it can refer to countless aspects, including climate and the environment, food and energy systems, social justice and equity, and many others. One way to understand how all of these connect to support a sustainable planet and people is to frame sustainability through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals were adopted in 2015 by all United Nations members as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which acts as a ‘shared blueprint for peace and prosperity f

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