On the Move: Wildlife Corridors, the B2BE, and Migratory Birds!

Wildlife Corridors We inhabit a world of many species, spaces, and needs for survival. To get from here to there, one must have a space of transition, connectivity, and available resources for safe passage and vitality. Wildlife corridors are home to many species of wildlife and act as a passageway for them to move about freely and safely. Housing developments and urban sprawl act as barriers to the natural roam of the wild. An important resolution is to plan for and create wildlife corridors where animals can move from place to place. Wildlife corridors are also referred to as “green corridors”, “nature highways and “wildlife bridges”. These transitional spaces can assist whole ecosystems i

Weather Wonders

One thing you are almost always guaranteed to run into when exploring our region is the weather. While we have come a long way from simply looking at the sky to try to predict the weather, there is still a lot you can tell from a quick glance up at the clouds. Clouds are the harbingers of all manner of weather conditions. They can be roughly categorized into four main names based on their formation and function; cirrus, cumulus, stratus, and nimbus. While there are far more than these four simple groups, properly identifying a cloud type usually involves a combination of two or more of these names to describe the shape and purpose. Cirrus clouds Cirrus clouds are high-altitude clouds that ar

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