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Honoring the Legacy of Jim McCorkel: Clearwater Conservancy Establishes Endowment for Forest Stewardship

In a heartfelt tribute to the late Jim McCorkel, ClearWater Conservancy proudly announces the establishment of an endowment in his honor. Jim's passion for conservation, particularly his dedication to forest stewardship, inspired all who knew him. This endowment serves as a lasting tribute to his legacy and will continue his mission for generations to come.


In 2008, ClearWater Conservancy completed its eleventh conservation easement and its first in Huntingdon County to permanently protect a 151-acre forested property in Franklin Township, Huntingdon County.


Donated by owners Jim McCorkel and his sisters Betty Ann Jansson and Mary Lou Rozdilsky, the conservation easement not only keeps intact a large forest block, but also protects a portion of Warriors Mark Run, a major tributary of Spruce Creek, a High Quality-Cold Water Fishery stream.

The property was purchased by Roy and Betty McCorkel, parents of the donors, in 1940 to build a cabin to enjoy and to protect the natural resources that a forested property had to offer. The McCorkels would travel from Long Island every summer to vacation, and over the years a community of cabins grew, with friends and families bonding tightly with each other and the land.


Ever aware of their unique possession, the family has worked to make the property a haven for wildlife by encouraging the creation and maintenance of varied wildlife habitats. They have worked with representatives of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry, and the Game Commission to develop forest management and wildlife management plans.


When the easement was finalized, Jim McCorkel explained that “the conservation easement fulfills a dream of our parents to protect the beauty of the woods and preserve the sense of quiet that you get when you go there.”

Through the Jim McCorkel Forest Stewardship Endowment, Clearwater Conservancy aims to carry forward Jim's work by investing in forest stewardship initiatives. These funds will support a range of projects, including reforestation efforts, habitat restoration, and sustainable land management practices. By ensuring the health and vitality of our forests, we honor Jim's memory and fulfill our duty to future generations.


The establishment of this endowment would not have been possible without the generous support of Jim's family, friends, and colleagues. Their contributions serve as a testament to the profound impact Jim had on our lives and the natural world around us. Together, we can continue his legacy and create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


Clearwater Conservancy invites you to join us in celebrating Jim's life and legacy. Together, let us honor his memory by safeguarding the forests he held so dear. With your support, we can ensure that Jim McCorkel's passion for conservation lives on, forever woven into the fabric of our community.


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