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Be a part of ClearWater's bold vision to accelerate the scope and pace of local conservation efforts alongside our committed community.

At this time when threats to the health of our environment are outpacing solutions, ClearWater's work must expand and accelerate to permanently protect and connect local landscapes and waterways.


This work requires impressive innovation and collaboration to succeed, and it begins with all of us, a growing community of individuals committed to local conservation efforts here in central Pennsylvania.

Your investment in our work is so greatly appreciated and so very much needed. We have a vision for the future, and essential projects ready. Thank you for your generous support during ClearWater's Campaign to Connect.


All the very best,
Deb Nardone
Executive Director
ClearWater Conservancy

Dear Friends,


It seems that taking the time to connect with the natural world around us, and even one another, is more challenging than ever due to the busyness of our daily lives and countless other factors in need of our time and attention.


Streams, wildlife, and forests are also struggling to connect, both locally and globally. As communities for people expand and climate change accelerates, communities of plants and animals are shrinking, becoming less and less diverse and resilient. 

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A Place to Grow

The ClearWater Community Conservation Center will serve as a working space in the heart of the Spring Creek Watershed where ClearWater and the community can work and learn together to experience and accelerate local conservation efforts. Your support of the Campaign to Connect will support the development of the Center and the imperative work it will support.

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What is the ClearWater Compass?

The ClearWater Compass is the organization's long-term and science-based strategic vision to connect, protect, restore, and steward the region's natural resources.


At the center of the Compass is you, a committed community of individuals working together to ensure the natural beauty, vitality, and resilience of Centre and surrounding counties forever.


Below, learn more about the goals of the four compass points, and how your support makes their success possible.

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...our region’s land, water, and wildlife for local and global resilience

Just as we depend on paved roads and gas stations to travel from town to town, animals from around the world rely on migratory corridors - large, connected natural landscapes - to travel to and from southern regions of the continent into the most northern regions of North America. 


ClearWater has conserved or helped facilitate the conservation of over 11,000 acres of land through a multitude of projects and partnerships to support plants and wildlife along one of North America’s most active wildlife corridors — the Appalachian Mountain Range. Still, thousands more acres are in need of urgent conservation efforts. 

Donate Today

ClearWater Compass Smooth_Dk Blue.png

ClearWater's Campaign to Connect is a $10 million campaign to connect and protect priority landscapes and streams while enhancing everyone’s appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

Your generosity supports ongoing and growing efforts to connect, protect, restore, and steward the natural places and waterways that make our region healthy and strong for people and wildlife. 

Your gift supports important goals:

If you'd like to meet with the executive director to discuss giving priorities and options, such as the gift of stocks, real estate or estate planning, or if you'd like to hear more about ClearWater's plans for the future of our region, click the button below to get in touch!
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