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Get Involved

Join your neighbors and friends who are working with us to make our region such a beautiful and healthy place to live!
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Be a part of local conservation efforts that ensure clean air and drinking water for everyone.

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Join us for events that help our local environment.

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ClearWater's annual events bring together like-minded neighbors to learn, have fun, and amplify our work.

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Protect Your Land

Conservation easements preserve your natural resources and ensure a lasting legacy.

A conservation easement provides a unique opportunity for individuals to protect and preserve their cherished natural landscapes, ensuring their conservation values are safeguarded for future generations while still maintaining private ownership.

As a nationally accredited land trust with a trusted local track record, we offer technical assistance and valuable information to landowners who wish to enhance and manage habitats on their own properties.

Join us in safeguarding Central Pennsylvania's natural wonders and securing a brighter future for our community and its precious environment.

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