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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging at ClearWater Conservancy

While ClearWater reaches thousands of individuals throughout central Pennsylvania each year through local conservation efforts, events, publications and community outreach efforts, there is room to expand our reach and more actively engage with the full diversity of identities, backgrounds, and abilities found throughout the Centre Region.

ClearWater is not unique in its need to address this concern. Nationally, environmental organizations are lagging in efforts to achieve diversity and inclusion on their boards and in leadership roles at a pace that other organizations and industries are. This lack of representation must be addressed in order to identify, acknowledge, and address climate change, loss of wildlife, and related social and environmental justice challenges - possibly the most urgent issues of our time. This work will only succeed when the voices and choices of those most impacted by these challenges are included, amplified, and acted upon.

Additionally, ClearWater is committed to lowering barriers to exploring and enjoying the outdoors and becoming leaders in outdoor recreation and environmental organizations, especially for diverse individuals and historically marginalized communities. Diversity of representation and leadership in the environmental and outdoor recreation sector is vital for the health of people, communities, and the environment. With guidance from diverse leaders in our region, ClearWater is actively taking steps to better engage and serve our whole community on every level, including the organization's Centred Outdoors program.

Our Vision for the Future

Three Generations

Expanding Inclusivity and Improving Access to Outdoor Recreation

ClearWater is committed to lowering barriers to exploring and enjoying the outdoors and becoming leaders in outdoor recreation and environmental and organizations, especially for diverse individuals and historically marginalized communities. Learn more about Centred Outdoors offerings and resources.

All Hands In

Diversifying Leadership

ClearWater strives to support and promote diversity throughout the organization and especially leadership roles. From board members, to staff and committee leaders, the wider the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, the stronger and more resilient the organization will be. If you're interested in becoming an outdoor leader, staff member, or board member, connect with us to learn more.

Outdoor Education

Open Access to ongoing Education and Training 

ClearWater Conservancy is learning about and addressing barriers and solutions to growing to become a more diverse and equitable organization supporting a more inclusive community. We invite you to read about, listen to, watch, and discuss the same materials and resources guiding conversations among our board, staff, and DEIJB Committee.

Educational Resource Portal

Here you can learn more about what our organization is reading, listening to, and learning about diversity and inclusion as it relates to the environmental and outdoor recreation sectors on the local, national, and global level.

We invite you to access and engage with these resources for your own learning journey, and welcome your suggestions of additional materials and concepts we can share with the ClearWater Community.

Featured Programs and Initiatives

Nearby outdoor destinations with ADA accessible pathways

The Centred Outdoors Gear Library provides items for use during Centred Outdoors guided outings at no cost. Reserve trekking poles, child carriers, day packs, or other available items to try for yourself!

ClearWater Conservancy believes fully that partnerships make the important work we do possible. Learn more about the organizations and businesses working with ClearWater for a more vibrant and inclusive community.

Centred Outdoors seeks to diversify its team and the larger audience that participates in its programming. The Outdoor Leadership Cohort provides leadership training and networking opportunities at no cost.

Committee, Coaches, and Advisors

"There are possibilities we've never dreamed of because of the people we've never dreamed with."
-Erik Foley, ClearWater Board Member and DEIJB Committee Co-Chair

ClearWater Conservancy's board and staff gratefully acknowledge the community leaders who have shared their time, experiences, and expertise with the organization to support its growth to serve the community in ways that are as inclusive and equitable as possible. 

DEIJB Committee co-chairs: Sierra Keller, Erik Foley, Andrea Murrell

DEIJB Committee: Jasmine Fields, Desiree Fralick, Derek James, Hyeseon KimRhonda Rumbaugh, Bridget Whyte, Martin Wildy


DEIJB Advisors & Coaches:

Timothy Benally, Dr. SeriaShia Chatters, Dr. Lisette Garcia, DJ Seballos, Marcus Shoffner, Charima Young

Community Partners:

AAUWAppalachian OutdoorsCommunity Diversity GroupJana Marie FoundationMount Nittany HealthOutdoor Inclusion Coalition, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural ResourcesRichard K. Mellon Foundation, State College BoroughStrawberry FieldsSustainability Institute at Penn StateWebster's Café and Bookstore, World in Conversation


Get Involved

We welcome your feedback, insight, and ideas! If you're interested in contributing to ClearWater Conservancy's DEIJB efforts or would like to share your feedback, please connect with us via email or phone and we'll be in touch shortly. Thank you!

Email ClearWater's
DEIJB Committee at:

Call ClearWater Conservancy:


(ask for Deb or Andrea)

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