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2023 Annual Awardees Honored at Annual Meeting & Celebration

ClearWater Conservancy hosted its Annual Meeting and Celebration on Saturday, October 21 at Calvary Church in Boalsburg, PA, where approximately 100 people attended the event to celebrate community support of recent conservation successes, recognize and award outstanding volunteers and supporters.

First photo features the 2023 Award Winners and ClearWater leaders: Pictured from left to right: Kevin McGarry, ClearWater's board president, Joanne Shafer, Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority, Deb Nardone, Foundation for PA Watersheds/ClearWater Conservancy, Daniel DeLotto, Centre County PA Senior Environmental Corps, Carolyn Hatley, and Donnan Stoicovy, ClearWater's Interim Executive Director. Additional photos include various attendees and moments throughout the event on October 21, 2023 at Calvary Harvest Fields. Email us to request files of any photos:


The Barbara Fisher Volunteer of the Year Award: Named in 2005 to honor Barbara Fisher for her 25 years of dedicated and passionate service, this year’s award was given to DANIEL DeLOTTO, a ClearWater Conservancy volunteer for the Centre County Pennsylvania Senior Environmental Corps, for exemplifying our organization's mission and dedicating his time to conserving our region's natural resources.

Community Conservation Commendation Award: This award is given for exemplary service to our community and the environment. This year’s award was given to JOANNE SHAFER for the vital role she plays in protecting, restoring, and stewarding our region through her strong dedication to ensuring the success of Watershed Cleanup Day year after year, and her countless contributions to strengthening county, statewide, and national recycling efforts.

Don Hamer Leadership Award: Named in 2005 at ClearWater's 25th Anniversary to honor Don Hamer for his leadership legacy to ClearWater Conservancy, this honor is awarded to DEB NARDONE, ClearWater’s Executive Director from September 2015-October 2023, for her dedicated, transformative leadership that has significantly advanced ClearWater's mission and vision through strategic conservation efforts and inclusive style that ensures everyone can play an important role in conservation efforts.

And a new award this year — Centering Connections with the Outdoors Awards — is given to one individual and one community partner who has played a significant role in connecting individuals with the benefits of spending time outside, and building a sense of belonging within the Centred Outdoors and ClearWater community. This year KAREN KRISCH and WEBSTER'S CAFE AND BOOKSTORE, OWNED BY ELAINE MEDER-WILGUS were recognized for going above and beyond to fostering a commitment to appreciating and stewarding the natural world around us.

Read more about the 2023 award winners here!


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