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ClearWater announces campaign to accelerate local conservation efforts, establish new center

ClearWater Conservancy launch its public fundraising campaign, its Campaign to Connect, on October 21, 2023 during its Annual Meeting and Celebration. The fundraising effort is intended to accelerate the pace and scope of local conservation efforts and establish the ClearWater Community Conservation Center along a quarter mile of Spring Creek in Houserville, at the center of the Spring Creek Watershed.

Pictured: A graphic rendering of the concept for ClearWater's Community Conservation Center in Houserville, PA.

ClearWater's Campaign to Connect is a $10 million campaign to connect and protect priority landscapes and streams while enhancing everyone’s appreciation and understanding of the natural world. $5 million for the campaign has been raised, with $5 million remaining to be raised during the public phase of the campaign.

ClearWater envisions these vital efforts unfolding in a place where both people and nature can connect and grow. This place, the ClearWater Community Conservation Center, will be located along Spring Creek, in the center of the Spring Creek Watershed where so much of the nationally-accredited land trust’s work is focused. The Center will be home to offices, gathering spaces, and outdoor demonstration areas where everyone can experience and contribute to conservation efforts relevant to our local region.


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