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ClearWater Attends Rhoneymeade Fest

June 1, 2024 - ClearWater Conservancy partnered with 3 Dots Downtown and Gorinto Productions to provide a community art project at Rhoneymeade Fest on June 1 & 2 at Rhoneymeade in Centre Hall. Our Community Engagement Coordinator, Jenna Kolwicz developed the windchime art project, Sounds of Nature. Volunteers came together and painted sticks in advance for the activity.


Sounds of Nature was an ecofriendly hanging art piece that was created to experience organic sound encompassing ClearWater Conservancy's Compass Points. Attendees drew on the sticks expressing themselves through creativity and experiencing the music at Rhoneymeade Fest. The piece came together beautifully as the wind gently brought the wooden chimes together and rang the bells representing a unified community experiencing art and nature together at a very special place.


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