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ClearWater Conservancy receives two Tourism Grants from Happy Valley Adventure Bureau

June 10, 2024 - ClearWater Conservancy received two Tourism Grant awards from Happy Valley Adventure Bureau for the 2024-2025 year supporting our Centred Outdoors program and future ClearWater Community Conservation Center. This year was a record-breaking year of 106 applicants, $960,200 awarded funds, and 77 grant awards given. It is wonderful to be a part of the grant recipients awarded in this year and previous years.

ClearWater's Centred Outdoors program is supported to further its reach to more visitors so they can experience nature at many awe-inspiring destinations throughout Centre County. Additionally, the future ClearWater Community Conservation Center will be able to provide program and conservation information to visitors with funding for the construction of an area in the building and kiosk.

Through these grants, Happy Valley Adventure Bureau continues to support of ClearWater Conservancy's mission and helps the effort to reach more people to experience programs and initiatives in order to appreciate and help the natural world.

Photographed (left to right) is ClearWater's Katie Molinengo, Communications Director and Elizabeth Crisfield, Executive Director at the HVAB Tourism Grant Announcement held at the Grange Fairgrounds in Centre Hall on June 6.


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