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Jennifer Shuey: Centering herself with Centred Outdoors

If you know Jennifer Shuey, you know she is a big fan of ClearWater Conservancy. For fifteen years she led the organization, and continues to be an enthusiastic cheerleader of all of the organization's conservation efforts. This summer, Jennifer is supporting this work as the inaugural artist-in-residence of the Centred Outdoors program.

“My plan is to paint each week en plein air—outside in nature—with Centred Outdoors. Over the course of the season, I will create a collection of art that captures the natural beauty of our region. Along the way, I hope to paint, hike, promote the work of ClearWater Conservancy, breathe deeply, and inspire people with my art.

Follow Jennifer’s artistic journey at You can join her newsletter mailing list to get sneak peeks of the pastel paintings she creates each week. Thank you, Jennifer, for making Centred Outdoors even more beautiful and awe-inspiring this year!


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