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May Photos from the Field

ClearWater Conservancy's Riparian, Land Conservation, and Centred Outdoors teams do so much great work out in the field with volunteers, students, and community members. Take a look at what everyone's been up to in the full month of May experiencing spring in full bloom!

April 30, 2024 – We received 2700 trees from Chesapeake Bay Foundations Keystone 10 Million Tree program on April 30th! Volunteers came out to help sort the native tree species for landowners and partners. Keystone 10 Million Tree program has a goal of planting ten million native trees in Pennsylvania by 2025!


May 14, 2024 – ClearWater staff and office dog Joy came together for a lovely morning Warbler Walk at Scotia Barrens led by Audubon Mid-Atlantic's Scott Parkhill, Forest Program Manager. The team experienced a great day of birding through sight and sound.  It was a great time for birding due to migratory season. Scott taught ways to identify warbler species and their favorite habitats. He spoke about Femelschlag ("a forest management practice that is designed to emulate natural disturbance patterns and encourage tree species diversity in multiple-age classes, thereby enhancing ecosystem services and complexity").


May 21, 2024 – Our friends at Native Creations were planting trees on a new ClearWater Conservancy streamside buffer in Halfmoon Creek Watershed. Our Streamside Projects Coordinator, Jill Barskey is so happy to be on the field with the trees and the sunshine as the project come to fruition.


May 26 , 2024 – ClearWater was supported by the Mount Nittany Wine Run 5k this year as a charitable partner! The 5k event for this race was timed and scored by J3 Timing.  Results are be posted at Our own Donnan Stoicovy, Maggie Anderson, and Suzy Yetter had a great time meeting everyone at the race! Jill Barskey, our Streamside Projects Coordinator, participated in running the 5k and did a fantastic job! Learn more here


ClearWater staff are always capturing special moments with wildlife in the outdoors. Take a look at what they saw this month.

Fungi at Joel's Woods

Photo by Danny Brumbaugh

Snail Along Slab Cabin Run

Photo by Jill Barskey

Ducks at Raystown Lake

Photo by Katie Molinengo


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