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Photos from the Field, June 2024

Live Staking with the Riparian Program 

May 31, 2024 – Volunteers along with streamside stewards planted live stakes with guidance from Streamside Projects Coordinator, Jill Barsky in Pennsylvania Furnace and Warriors Mark. Everyone had a great time in the sunshine learning about live stakes and installing them on the stream banks.

Live staking is a cost-effective practice that helps reintroduce plant life directly on the stream banks. If you’d like to read more about live staking consider reading this article from Penn State Extension:


Centred Outdoors Guided Outing at Barrens to Bald Eagle Wildlife Corridor

June 16, 2024  ClearWater Conservancy's Centred Outdoors program visited Barrens to Bald Eagle Wildlife Corridor the week of June 16, beginning on Sunday. ClearWater's office dog Joy had so much fun with everyone on the guided outing alongside ClearWater staff, board members, and attendees.

The Barrens to Bald Eagle Wildlife Corridor was conserved by ClearWater Conservancy in 2010 to create safe passage for wildlife species between Bald Eagle Mountain and the Scotia Barrens. Hike along the rolling grassy trails and look for the many signs of life here. A wildflower meadow provides pollinator habitat for bees, moths, insects, and birds. Young forest supports the Golden-winged Warbler, Amercian Woodcock, and Ruffed Grouse. Vernal pools allow for breeding amphibians.


PSEAS Buffer Musser Gap Workday 

June 27, 2024 — A group of 20 rising high school seniors from across Pennsylvania attending the first session of the Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences (PSEAS), were out in the field with Jill Barskey, our Streamside Projects Coordinator, where they provided stewardship to the trees and shrubs growing at the Musser Gap Greenways buffer. ClearWater has played an inaugural role in the partnership with DCNR and Penn State to acquire land at Musser Gap which offers not only protection to the forest, but recreational opportunities to the community as well. After ClearWater planted the buffer in 2014, we have continued to provide stewardship with the help of volunteers from the community and Penn State!


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