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Environmental Outreach

Outreach to the community is key to ClearWater’s mission for countless reasons. Conserving our land and water resources is for the non-human species that inhabit them is vitally important for its own sake, but people have a place in the environment as well. The more we know about our natural world, the more we value the importance of keeping it healthy for future generations.


ClearWater continually educates the public about the natural and environmental world. Our staff members are in the community throughout the year, in classrooms, community forums, at annual events such as Watershed CleanUp Day, and on the trail through Connections, Centred Outdoors, and Adventures in Conservation.


Our Riparian Conservation and Land Stewardship programs especially encourage others to nurture a healthy environment. ClearWater Conservancy trains and involves volunteers in long-term land and riparian site stewardship, and hundreds of students participate in riparian planting and maintenance projects annually. You can get involved with these efforts, too!

Since 1997, ClearWater Conservancy has been providing students in public and private schools throughout central Pennsylvania with the opportunity for hands-on learning through outdoor watershed education. Each year the conservancy pays for thousands of youngsters to go on field trips to Millbrook Marsh Nature Center in State College. By reaching out to younger generations, ClearWater Conservancy hopes to teach children about the natural world, encourage them to take actions for conservation and inspire them to share what they learn with parents and friends.

Centred Outdoors is an invitation for people of all ages and fitness levels to explore outdoor destinations across Centre County during the summer. In 2017 alone, kids and adults experienced 1,400 personal adventures and hiked more than 1,200 cumulative miles during 20 outings. This effort is hosted by ClearWater Conservancy, supported by a grant from Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), and made possible by many partnering organizations. Visit to register and receive updates on the program throughout the year!​

Adventures in Conservation are special events held once a month and focused on engaging outdoor enthusiasts with unique topics of interest while exploring the outdoor world.


Whether we are walking, hiking, paddling or learning outdoor skills, we strive to have fun, learn a little, make friends and share an experience. Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive invitations to these exciting events!

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