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Hi All,

I'm testing out this communication system to see if members of the group are alerted to new messages. I want to let you know that my attendance at tomorrow's work session is a little up in the air. I'm having a procedure performed on my right hand at 4pm, and if my hand doesn't hurt too bad and the doctor approves, I'll be there to help. I'll let Mary and Jen know either way. This week's weather is certainly in our favor, for a change!



Not sure how this work. Today is summer solstice with evening events.

is there a meeting tonight?

Jun 21, 2023

Hi Joana! It works just like this :) We don't have a meeting tonight - we're going monthly for now. The next one is scheduled for July 5.


Welcome, friends! You may want to check your notification settings when you first sign up - after logging in, click "My Profile" next to your name on the right sidebar and then Notifications to find this menu:

Here are Mary's notes from our June 7, 2023 meeting. Thanks, Mary!

ClearWater Conservancy Gardening Group Meeting Notes 06-07-2023 v-1
Download DOCX

Mary Wujek
Mary Wujek
Jun 12, 2023

Karen sent me an update (pull crownvetch-it can show up after a GOOD RAIN). I propose that I hold the pen on changes until after folks send them to me by Friday, June 16, and I'll send v.2 your updates. If there's a way for us to update a shared document, please let me know.



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