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Your donation to ClearWater makes a long-lasting difference here in central Pennsylvania. Together we can proactively protect and restore local waterways, forests, fields, and drinking water supplies.


Your donation is critical for supporting a healthy and vibrant region for people and wildlife. Thank you for giving a gift today to expand the pace and scope of local conservation efforts.


ClearWater Conservancy hosts a variety of events all year long because there's no wrong season to connect with fellow friends and supporters of local conservation efforts!


Between Watershed Cleanup Day, Centred Outdoors guided outings,  Art & Chocolate, Golf-Fest, and our Annual Meeting, there's always a ClearWater community event right around the corner and we hope to see you there! 

Success Stories

ClearWater strives to improve the health and resilience of people and wildlife through proactive and inclusive conservation and restoration efforts.


We work alongside community members and partners to conserve land, restore streams, and connect everyone to the benefits of spending more time outside.  

Learn more about recent projects and conservation successes. 

Motivated individuals and groups who volunteer with ClearWater power the organization's work by contributing time and talent to field work, annual events, and special committees.

When you volunteer with ClearWater, you'll connect with friends in the community while making an important difference in the health of people and natural places in our region. Tell us a little bit about yourself to find volunteer opportunities just right for you..

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