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2021 marks the 25th Anniversary of ClearWater Conservancy's Watershed Cleanup Day! Did you know that since 1997, volunteers have prevented more than 6 million pounds of trash from entering our local waterways?!


Thank you for your interest in participating in Watershed Cleanup Day on April 24 (8 am- 12 pm). We have filled all of our sites as of 4/15/21, but we welcome you to sign up to cleanup around your neighborhood or area of your choice.  Please indicate your site or area you will be cleaning on the sign up form.  We can still provide supplies for you/your group, but you will be responsible for properly disposing of trash and debris using your own collection service. 



Contact us with any questions via email or phone at: adventure@clearwaterconservancy.org / 814-237-0400. Thank you for keeping Central Pennsylvania clean and beautiful!
























Watershed Cleanup Day Safety Tips:

  • Masks and social distancing are required at all times throughout the event

  • Roadside litter can be dangerous; do not open coolers, jugs, bottles and other sealed containers.

  • Wear gloves, appropriate clothing, and safety gear.

  • Report any suspicious or dangerous items to police immediately.

  • Make sure children are not left unattended near highways or water.

  • Check up on your knowledge of dangerous items here

Recommended Attire:

  • Long pants

  • Long sleeves

  • Sturdy footwear

  • Water bottle

You may also want to bring a...

  • Hat

  • Rain jacket

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellant

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Change of clothes 


If it looks like it could hurt, don’t pick it up

If it looks heavy, leave it be

Don't pick up anything that is sharp or looks suspicious or dangerous

If you’re on or near a road, wear an orange vest or brightly colored clothing

Keep an eye on each other and especially on children

Most importantly, have fun!

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What to expect as a volunteer for Watershed Cleanup Day

Learn more about volunteering for Watershed Cleanup Day and the importance of cleaning up litter and debris from streams, stream banks, and open spaces throughout Centre County!

Special Thanks to the MS4 Partners:


State College Borough, College Township, Ferguson Township, Harris Township, Patton Township, Spring Township and Penn State University