Connecting woods, water, and wildlife in Central Pennsylvania

For landowners in the Scotia Barrens and surrounding areas...


Just west of State College lies one of Pennsylvania’s most unique natural wonders and important habitat for wildlife, the Scotia Barrens. This rare habitat is one of the largest examples of pitch pine-scrub oak barrens remaining in our state—making it an extraordinary home for a wide variety of wildlife, a primary source of groundwater, and a place to teach the next generation about the natural world.


Different habitats, especially forests, are so important for wildlife for many reasons. Work to connect, protect, restore, and care for these natural resources found in and around the Scotia Barrens begins with you, local landowners. 


The Scotia Barrens to Ridgeline Initiative (SBRI) is a collaboration of landowners and natural resource professionals committed to supporting a region of connected working lands, both farm and woods, that sustain our rural communities while providing places for nature and people to thrive.

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About the Scotia Barrens to Ridgelines Initiative (SBRI): 

The Scotia Barrens to Ridgeline Initiative involves four main tools, or strategies by which ClearWater will work with landowners and local municipalities and organizations:

  1. Forest Management & Habitat Improvements

Provide training, technical guides and other support for landowners who want to take immediate actions to enhance or restore wildlife and pollinator habitats on their lands, including forest management plans, invasive plant management guidance and converting lawns to habitat.

   2. Land Conservation

Work to implement conservation easements or other land conservation strategies on private lands to permanently protect areas of high-quality core forest, wildlife habitat, and connective travel corridors.

   3. Streamside Forest Connections

Restore and connect forested stream and riparian corridors in the Halfmoon Creek, Beaver Branch Creek, and Warriors Mark Creek watersheds, which are three priority locations identified as crucial connective corridors between the Scotia Barrens and surrounding ridges.

   4. Community outreach and education

Provide opportunities for one and all to learn more about the Scotia Barrens and support the successful conservation of the region.

With these tools, landowners can create a connected network of high-quality natural habitats and ecosystems to support diverse, abundant and viable populations and communities. 

All good things start with a good conversation...

Often, technical service providers cover large regions and are short-handed, allowing little to no time for initial consultations. You might simply desire more information without being pressured to sign up for programs you may not want or need.

That's where we come in...

The SYFI is about listening to landowners about their personal goals and top priorities for their lands. ClearWater provides opportunities for landowners to casually ask questions and voice concerns about options for managing their woodlands and forests. The SBRI is intended to make forest and woodlands management easier for everyone involved without compromising results.

What is most important to you about your woodlands, fields, and streams?

We can work with landowners to discuss questions such as:

  • How do I utilize my land now, and how would I like to utilize my land in the future?

  • How do I approach the challenges I face when caring for my land?

  • Where do I start with a forest or woodlands management plan?

  • Who do I contact for information or help?

  • Where will I find the resources to get the job done?

Call or email to connect with ClearWater today!

We'll listen and do our best to help you find the solutions you need to make the most of your woodlands, fields, wetlands, streams, and other natural areas.

To schedule a property visit and/or discuss your goals and concerns, contact ClearWater Conservancy today.

Suzy Yetter (814) 237-0400 x102

The mission of ClearWater Conservancy is to conserve and restore our natural resources through land conservation, water resources stewardship, and environmental outreach across central Pennsylvania.


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